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KNX Case Study – Georgian Townhouse Renovation

Function Control were delighted to be appointed in 2020 to oversee the full design, specification, supply and programming of this high-spec, luxury Georgian Townhouse in Edinburgh’s New Town.

The clients was an existing customer of Function Control and previously had a very similar New Town KNX project completed in 2019, so came to us again for this renovation. The project is a 4 storey townhouse with self contained  apartment in the basement and 2 Mews apartments with garages at the rear of the property.

Working with GLM architects we generated a full lighting design alongside the KNX specification which incorporated heating & lighting controls over the 4 seperate properties

A revision of the Ground Floor Plans showing Lighting, heating, KNX devices, network, AV and door entry systems

KNX’s modular ethos means we could design in multiple panels, one for each floor of the house, 1 for each apartment and a seperate panel for the heating plant room on the townhouse top floor.

8 KNX Panels were built and tested in our workshop before being delivered to site.

In the project there are 8 KNX automation panels located throughout the properties that control:

  • 45 Circuits of dimmed lighting
  • 40 circuits of switched lighting
  • 8 zones of radiator heating
  • 5 electric underfloor heating zones
  • 4 Towel Radiators
  • 5 Extract fans
  • Boiler and Hot Water Control
  • Leak monitoring in the bathrooms
  • Fire/smoke and sprinkler system monitoring

The KNX panels are a mix of Theben Dimming & Heating Actuators as well as Zennio devices. 

Push buttons are the Gira KNX Buttons as these balance  ease of use, & affordability alongside the embedded technology that still allows monitoring of room temperatures, reducing the wall clutter. A Gira G1 touch screen in the kitchen allows control of the house as well as access to the door entry system

Gira KNX button  with gloss cream rocker and black glass finish

The buttons come in single and dual rocker versions, and as most rooms didn’t have more than 2 lighting circuits, we opted for these rather than the higher specification model as options like scene control and engraving weren’t required.

The Gira X1 & S1 system were chosen to run the smart home control. These are KNX native devices meaning that even in the event of network issues, the KNX devices will continue to run in the background. The X1 provides the tablet/phone app visuals. This allows the homeowner fine control of:

  • Individual lights including timers
  • Heating zone control setpoint adjustment & timed control of each zone
  • Electric Towel Rail and underfloor heating timers
  • External lighting timers
  • Simulated Occupancy
Gira X1 App

Gira X1 Visualisation allows control of all the smart home functions

The S1 gives secure remote access and voice control as well as the ability to add push notifications and emails triggered by certain events in the house. In this case, we have leak sensors installed under the baths and shower trays to notify the client immediately of a leak in the property, as well as links to the fire and sprinkler systems. In the event of a fire alarm trigger, all the lights in the property will come on, helping to enable 

Lighting Design

We were able to assist the client with their lighting design and supplied the majority of the downlights and LED tape details. We particularly enjoyed working with Flaunt Interior Design on their spectacular kitchen including a specially uplit breakfast bar feature

We also uplit the spectacular cupola, a regular feature in Edinburgh New Town properties
Between each floor, LED tape is embedded in the walls to light the stairwells.

Audio Visual, security and Network

The system has in ceiling speakers in 5 rooms powered by Sonos amplifiers in a centralised rack. 3 of the rooms also have Sonos Soundbars installed creating high quality surround sound systems. A full wired and wireless network  provides fast network coverage throughout the property. Remote monitoring allows us access to send updates and troubleshoot programming issues without having to attend site.

In addition we have also installed CCTV cameras and a Gira access system

The project was completed in early 2023 and the client is delighted with the outcome. 


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About Us

Our Why

We enhance peoples lives by making buildings perform better.

Function Control Ltd was established by Nick Laing in 2015 offering services to design and implement smart building solutions for luxury homes, offices and assisted living projects.

We like to listen to our customers aspirations for their building and consider how we can help. Every project is individual but the following question is universal:

‘How do we create smart buildings that simplify daily life, improve the living environment for occupants and save energy?’

The Team

Nick Laing – Director

‘Buildings have an incredible ability to affect our mood and our behaviour. In the UK we spend 90% our lives indoors, I want the buildings we occupy to actively improve our health and wellbeing by responding to our needs.

I’m excited by every new project as it is an opportunity for a new relationship to be developed with trust and understanding. I love the feeling when I get positive feedback following completion of a challenging project.’

Nick studied Audio Technology and Electronics at Glasgow Caledonian University before taking his first real job as an AV engineer at the Millennium Dome. He then moved into the Film Post Production industry in London where career highlights included crawling around the feet of movie stars such as Michael Caine and Ewan MacGregor as he performed ad-hoc repairs during recording sessions.

Mark Hardie – Integrated system engineer

I had an early fascination with finding out how things work. This usually meant most of my toys & gadgets were opened up & dismantled (and to the disappointment of my parents, various other electrical devices around the home) Occasionally, they were even put back together!

I took this interest into an Electrical & Electronic engineering degree at Strathclyde University before getting involved in the audio visual and smart home industry. I take great pride in designing and implementing an integrated home specifically for each client’s needs.

Chris O’Brien – Integrated system engineer

When people choose to design their new dream homes thoughts are often for the exciting, the here and now. One of the great motivations about incorporating technology into a building’s fabric is knowing that a fantastic space has been created which is adaptable to the residents ever changing needs. Ideally this can ensure that people can remain in their homes for the longest time despite the challenges older age and circumstances brings.

Chris met Nick whilst working at the Millennium Dome where he honed his skills for driving a golf buggy to faulty plasma screen walls, climbing very high ladders and foiling diamond heists.


Poppy the Dog
Poppy – Office Dug

I’m still learning the ropes, but I think I have already found my niche in information security, shredding any paper I can get near. I also take pride in enforcing regular screen breaks for the rest of the team.


Chris and Mark in Office
Mark Working On Plans
Chris Wiring Rack

Join Us

You might already have a job, but would you like to join our journey?

Are you excited by the prospect of working in a small innovative team where you will regularly be asked to step outside the constraints of your main job role? A job where you can grow and develop?

As a small tight-knit team each of us has to cover a number of job roles at once. You may have an unusual combination of skills or an interest to learn new ones.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the qualifications you think you need yet. It is far more important to us that you have enthusiasm and a genuine interest in making a difference in our industry. We train our people and help them gain industry recognised qualifications.

Would you fit a combination of any of the roles below? Treat it like a pick’n’mix and drop us an email if you think you are a good fit. Tell us who you are and why you would like to get involved.

Trainee smart buildings engineer
Admin assistant
Smart buildings engineer
Panel/rack builder
Marketing manager
Sales manager
Project manager
Assistive technology specialist
Systematisation guru

All roles are hybrid or office based, from our office in Loanhead, Edinburgh. Dependent on role, some work will require travel to building sites and client homes.

Virtual Golf
Labelling Beer Bottles
Charity Runners
Chris with Mug


Our budgets range from £15k to £250k+ dependent on the size and scope of the project. There really is no one-size-fits-all solution. We can very quickly provide you with a rough indication of price if you have plans and can answer a few simple questions about the scope of your project.

Click here to send us an email and we will get right back to you.

If you prefer to speak to us in person then please give Nick, Chris or Mark a call on 0131 440 1735

Our service is designed to support any competent electrician to be able to complete the electrical installation aspects of a project. Since electrical installation is not included in our services this leaves you free to choose your preferred Main Contractor who may have their own electrical team.

Not at all. Our service will support any competent electrician to understand and complete the electrical installation required for our systems.

We specialise in providing the most robust and versatile control systems which will provide decades of reliable service regardless of technological advances in the future. To achieve real smart home integrations different services in the home must be able to communicate and interact together. Linking IoT products using home network, wifi and the cloud can be unreliable and complicated to maintain.

At the heart of every Function Control system is KNX, the international standard for building control. Over 500 manufacturers make KNX compatible equipment and the range of products spans lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, motorised blinds, music systems and much more.

KNX has been used in award winning projects around the world and has both a proven track record and a future-proof design.

KNX devices each have a microprocessor and communicate with each other using a serial bus communication principal. This allows the system to be wired using a single installation cable which links each switch and device. Upgrades and additions to the system can be made with minimal invasive work.

Learn more about KNX

Wireless and battery free devices. EnOcean energy harvesting technology allows switches and devices to convert the energy they need using solar, thermal or kinetic energy. For instance, an EnOcrean switch will use the energy you put in by pressing the switch to send a wireless signal.

What this means is less toxic chemicals as EnOcean devices rarely need batteries, and since you don’t need to remember to replace depleted batteries the system requires much less maintenance.

We love to use EnOcean wireless devices where a cabled device is unsuitable, like window and door sensors or where a device needs to be added retrospectively.

Learn more about EnOcean

We can support you with maintenance, repairs and modifications to your systems on-demand. Just email to arrange an appointment.

If you prefer to speak to us in person then please give Nick, Chris or Mark a call on 0131 440 1735.

For complete peace of mind we offer smart home maintenance subscriptions. For a low monthly charge we will provide an annual service of your system and preferential rates for call-outs and modifications.

Click here to find out more about Premier Service.

Function Control use KNX as the basis of all of our projects as it is considered a future-proof solution. As a tightly regulated standard with hundreds of participating manufacturers KNX is the only option we recommend for professional smart home infrastructure.

Learn more

Let us help you! Because intelligent building control covers so many aspects of a building project Function Control like to work as part of the design team and get involved in the project as early as possible.

Initially we will work with you and your architect to form a provisional design to suit the specific needs and style of the project, selecting the building elements to control and offering products to suit.

If you would like to chat to us about a project please Click here to send us an email.

If you prefer to speak to us in person then please give Nick, Chris or Mark a call on 0131 440 1735.

You may have experienced a KNX smart building without realising it. Many luxury homes have KNX infrastructure and there are also many high profile hotels and commercial buildings which rely on KNX to provide robust and reliable controls.

The 2022 KNX UK award winning project was a new build passivhaus barn project by New Land Solutions.

Heathrow Terminal 5 and Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Children and Young People rely on KNX for their complex lighting needs.

A weather station can be a huge asset in a smart home system as the external climate information can be used in so many ways to make your building respond in a helpful manner.

Bastian Elsner from Elsner Elektronik explains many of the benefits here